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I Faizan –having keen interest and profound enthusiasm in contemporary visual art practice completed bachelor of Fine Arts in Applied Art from college of Art in 2018, Delhi.

I have worked as a visiting Faculty at college of Art and also at National Bal Bhawan as an instructor. I have also worked as a painter and calligrapher at Raja Art Emporium 2006-12. Holding experience as a freelancer interior designer I have participated in many art workshops and painting competitions. 

I have zest in playing Sitar, writing poetry, travelling and reading that also benefits me to closely examine and exploring everyday life. My works have been collected by many private collectors and recently exhibited at hotel-Silverton inn and suits, America and Visual Art Gallery, India Habitate Center, Delhi.

Moreover, inspired by modern technology I use to explore the visual space where colour, line and dot create sensation. Involving traditional tools with hybridization of various ideas helps me to build a distinct genre. In addition to this I consistently incorporate calligraphy in my artwork stylistically, in a much refined and mature manner. I try to explore more possibilities of creation with my unresting passion and experimentation from the daily life experiences with different techniques using different materials and methods like ink, colors and drawing.

However, I have been experimenting with the idea of time and space with technological advancement. I employ unique and inventive technique to explore the visual space where color, line and dot create sensation. Blending of traditional tools with hybridisation of various techniques helps me to build a distinct genre. I take Influences from traditional methods to express the deepest emotions and beliefs through interactive and highly-engaging technical art pieces and projects with the notion of life and death.

I strongly believe that the roots of any advancement is rooted in its past whereas, the present is fertilizer and future is fruits but blurred and pros and cons are always there in any creation. My work involves deep understanding of language with powerful motion.

I have developed a complex biographical language through my artwork representing duration, time and space. Imagination is not the future but it can be. Language of future have alphabet and grammar that looks beautiful elegant and calm, but it is complex and hard to read, which requires decoding.

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